Majeed | unit 25


madjeed-art-almere-5I’m born on June 26, 1962 in the small town of Torbat in northeastern of Iran. At a young age he moved with his father (sculptor) to the Blue Mountains around the city, in search of beautiful stones. “My father was my great teacher. Through him, I found my love for creation of art. “

Over the past 30 years the Iranian artist Majeed Saeeyan drew his inspiration from the facial expressions of people, called masks that people use to hide their face behind it at every opportunity.

The mask tells a story. Sometimes tragic or happy, sad or humiliated by countless varying emotions in their characters.

Romantic and drama lead to a source, Majeed use the influence of music and sounds to create images and finally composes his paintings.

The depressing fact of women’s oppression or the unbalanced right of equality between the two sexes can influence his paintings and thereby raises issues which even he can not answer. Sometimes a mark is already enough to determine whether is the answer or to leave it some where in the middle. The viewer decides what they want to see.

The masks in his paintings are in the surrealistically style witch covers the face of personages. The real face is usually latent and the mask is placed on the face almost like a mysterious alien being shielded by the politeness of social life in order to be love without doubt.

Majeed obviously trying not to choose for drama, but focusing on the time between arrest and movement, understanding or acceptance and comprehensive knowledge.

Although Majeed has been trained very wide and has a multitude of styles and dominate the techniques in detail, most of his free creations and works characterized by Surrealism witch is for him a kind of lifestyle. The unreal life which is not possible to draw it on a realistic way, according to his experience and insights he translates his stories on the canvas touched by love and loneliness, natural disasters and wars plague in our daily lives and what we see is a surreal animated timeless film.

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